Our Library

1. Perfect silence should be observed in the reading room.
2. Costly Books will not be issued to the student but these can be consulted in the Library only with the permission of the Librarian.
3. Books to be borrowed should be requisitioned on prescibed slip one day before, giving book number and the name of the Author.
4. Books will be issued for two weeks only.
5. Fine will be charged for not returning the book after due date. (The receipt for the fine will be issued by the Libraian immediately.)
6. More than one book cannot be issued to student of Degree class at a time and two books to student of post graduate classes.
7. Magazine will not be issued to any student. these can be obtained for reading from the Librarian on the deposit of identy Card of the Library.
8. Student should not attend the Library when their classes are being held.
9. Student should check the book at the time of issue. After issue it is the Student's responsibility to return the book in proper condition.
10. Books should be properly handled by the student. Any damage done to the books will be penalised with replacement of books, fine or both.